Weekly Review 1st – 7th November 2010 “Soccer in College offers! USA”

Interested in getting a soccer scholarship? I can help you out.

Soccer In College USA

This week should be known for the week I got back over 100 emails on playing in American colleges, thanks to the help of a service called contactcoaches.com. These guys helped me send me my video and information on my about page to every college coach in the country. I was overwhelmed on the number of coaches who were interested in me (over 100 at least) and would say things like “We need a dynamic goal scorer and are willing to spend money to get one, or  I believe that you are a great player and someone who could do very well here. We believe that you have the ability to play Division 1 college and the potential to be a top player in the country.” These comments give me a confidence boost and definitely proves that with the 20 hours of hard work each week and persistence of the last 6 months since I started a training plan (and 12 months since I started this blog), gives big results.

Almost every single person who replied said they were interested and would like to know more, so far my offers have been from:

  • Wisconsin University (Wisconsin) (full tuition scholarship, valued at $15000 + partial expenses covered) proof
  • Malone University (Ohio) (full tuition scholarship, accommodation, food valued at $30000) proof
  • Delta College (Ohio) (half scholarship, out of pocket expenses = $2500)
  • Warner University ($10000 scholarship, out of pocket = $6000)
  • Vermont Technical College (Vermont) ($8000, out of pocket = $6000)
  • Dakota Technical College (full tuition scholarship, valued at $7-11000, out of pocket = $9000)

New offers since Sunday

  • Faulkner University (Alabama) (full tuition scholarship, valued at $15000 out of pocket = $6500) proof
  • Greenville College (Illinos) (17000 scholarship, out of pocket  $10000)
  • Merrimack University (Boston) (20000 scholarship, out of pocket $22000, provided I go over there first and coach sees me play)
  • Coker College (South Carolina) (don’t know how much yet)

Best option here right now looks like either Wisconsin or Malone who are offering to pay most of my costs. But they are NCAA Division 2 schools, and so I don’t think they are that good. I’ve looked at Wisconsin though, the coach seems to know what he’s talking about, and there are some good facilities, and it looks like the team win some things. But I would need to look into all this a bit further. The priority is to still play in Europe, but I have to say a year in a big college in America would be pretty cool. I will ask my coaches on their advice and what I should do.

This guy in Vermont who is coach of Delta College is very interested me, talked to me about playing for a semi pro team called Vermont Voltage, which apparently is like the third division of American soccer and then saying I can go to the MLS or europe from there after a few seasons. This league plays from May to August? I would get paid $5000 to play 24 games there. Pretty cool. Have to learn a little more about the offer though.

Earlier in the week, I received a FIFA contract from Chris (agent of ZSEM). He can find me clubs in Europe for a $1000 or $2000 fee. I think my Dad’s willing to pay.

Yeah so basically that’s whats gone down next week, I’m sure next week a lot of stuff will happen too.

Next Week
20 hours gone this week, another 20 next week. Focus is to practice on shooting with my left. Also have a school tournament next week. Goal for that is to score 10 goals in 7 games as midfielder.

TimeMondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
MorningPersonal Session (1:00)REST
LunchFootball with Mates(0:25)Football with Mates (0:25) School Tournament(4:00)
School Tournament
School Tournament
AfternoonSchool Training (1:30)Personal Session Games (2:00)Personal Session Games (1:30)
EveningClub Training (1:40)Club Training (1:40)REST
Late EveningREST

 Soccer in College

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    http://www.uclabruins.com/genrel/ucla-recruiting-home.html try getting into ucla, they've been pretty much the best all round ncaa team for the past century

  • http://www.nickhumph.com Nicky

    yeah its really hard to reach them unfortunately

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    yeh well if you wanna be the best, you gotta keep trying to play with the best, and thats ucla for college sports. keep trying, smash down their door. ROARRRR.

  • http://www.nickhumph.com Nicky