I can Make It

Just lately i’ve realised that I can make it, I just need to believe that I will succeed. I need to dream big to acheive my goal of football pro. I know I will need to work hard in order to reach my dream and when the time comes that I walk out the tunnel to see my eyes open to tens of thousands of people only then will I know that I have reached the dream. But there’s a long way to go before that. I’m not even playing for a rep team or a proper youth academy. I can’t let myself fail, I know I can be better than those around me that have made pro. Practice, motivation and concentration will be my keys to success.

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  • Hamayun Rasheed

    Wow.Truly amazing and inspiring.I’m also on course.Good luck mate :’)

  • http://www.startupvideo.net/ Nicholas Humphries

    Thanks for the support Hamayun!